Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friends Across The Globe

For me, Facebook started as a place to talk to my friends - it was global, but I never realized it. But when I moved, it kept me global. I never thought about how much I would miss people. It's so strange, missing someone. You don't realize it until a photo or two goes up. Then it suddenly hits you - that could have been you, there with them.

But I guess you get over it eventually. You learn to make new friends and make new memories. You grow and you mature. 

I say this because only recently have I begun to reconnect with people I know all over the world. Do they answer? Occasionally, but I always think they feel just as awkward as I do, asking them how life is. It's quite the tricky question, because although you are tempted to say it's not as great without that person, somehow, you've moved on. So life is great, eventually. 

Enough of the depressive talk about leaving people. We all say goodbye at some point, in different ways, so there's no point in preaching about what to say. 

So for my first post I'd like to comment on the surprising change in weather here in The Netherlands. For weeks and weeks without end the country left summer and covered the skies with rain clouds. Now, though, for this one weekend (and hopefully longer), the clouds have parted to reveal a blue sky. Not just blue, but starkly blue and brilliant like any other sky. It all feels awfully autumn on this side of the globe, with the leaves just caressing the ground in vibrant coats of yellow, brown, and red. The air has a chill to it, but it's not the cold air we're used it. It's the type of air that sweeps by before winter; you can keep the window open with a blanket and wake up feeling cozy and refreshed. 

So if you're anywhere in Europe enjoy the time before the real winter hits the city. Holland, being located in the convenient place that it is, will get the winter first, so I'll alert you. <br/>
Whenever winter comes around in Holland, I always search for new activities to partake in. You can't do much in winter, though. You just can't. Every season I try to get to the theater over here (not that it's anything like Broadway, where I would love to be). but I try. Dutch productions, however, mean little to me. I don't speak Dutch. English, of course. Portuguese, yes. French, yes. Even Czech. But just not Dutch. The last time I saw something here was the spectacular travelling production of West Side Story. Now I'm just waiting for an English production or my departure to college to provide for more theater opportunities. But if the weather gets worse, I think I might just cave and go see a dutch production.

That's all for now. Posts will come weekly, every Saturday and possibly even a Sunday once things calm down. I'll be blogging about...Well, Life. The Netherlands, Politics, Photography, Current Events, Theatre, The Arts, and everything else. 

Take a second this week and think about all the beauty around you. We're transitioning seasons, it's bound to be lovely. 

Stay tuned. You might find something great, some great story, from some corner of the earth. 

Till next time, Samy. 

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