Saturday, September 25, 2010


This past week, Holland has gone through all seasons at least twice. It has rained, the sun has shone, the sky was blue and black, a few trees fell down (thanks to the wind), and the sky has just sat above the houses in a grey mirage of depression.
Welcome to Holland.
It's not bad, though. I mean, right now I'm seriously craving some vitamin D and I'm wondering why my calendar had to condemn Holland by saying it was the first day of Autumn earlier this week, but there's a marvelous chill to the air that makes it cozy to sleep. If you leave your window cracked open just a little bit and pull up the covers to engulf your body and stare out the window, the cold air isn't so bad and it's nice and chilly. I like autumn in that way. When I bike to school and back I'm under multi-colored leaves and the wind is just enough to keep you going and keep you refreshed. It's almost nice, this small transition period. When you're laying in bed and watching the stars from the window and looking at airplanes on their way to Schipol, it's peaceful in the oddest way. It's charming, Autumn in Holland. This season and Spring make it OK to be here.
Then Winter comes along. It's not too great. Slushy snow - if you're lucky - kind of makes it worse.
But enough about the weather. This past weekend Glee came back after a long summer to a much anticipated premiere. Who watched it the day after it came out in Holland? Not me! I had to wait until Thursday to get my Glee fix for the week, and the mania has started. Glee left it's mid-season-one funk and came back with an episode less preaching and more action. One of my favorite parts about Glee's return was the music. With Charice now joining the show, her voice was a welcome addition! My oh MY! When she belts out "Listen" (from the MUSICAL Dreamgirls, as Lea Michele's character Rachel Berry corrects immediately), I can't help but wonder where that voice is coming from. The bathroom duet between Ms Michele and Charice to Lady Gaga's Telephone was a particularly nice addition to the show, and I couldn't help but praise their choice of music when Ms Michele sang "What I Did For Love" from A Chorus Line, one of my favorite songs of all time. I started watching Glee because of the a capella twist, their covers of modern and musical numbers (the combination is unique and risqué, but they pull it off surprisingly well), and of course to hear Sue Sylvester's famous one-liners that just about everyone falls of their chair laughing when they hear them. I wanted Glee to tackle "What I Did For Love" from episode 5 and wondered why they wouldn't use it - it's not like no one knows the song, and it would fit in perfectly on so many occasions. But, alas, when I heard it closing the season premiere episode, I smiled and was glad they waited. That was one hell of a cover, Ms Michele. One hell of a cover. Glee finished the first episode of season two off with a bang. Now I'm itching for the Britney episode and dying for the music. Only a few more days!
For now, it's time to go finish today off with a good movie. Until next time, Samy

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